• Our Vehicle

    To realize this mission, we develop, manufacture and operate Nyx, a modular and reusable orbital vehicle that can eventually be refuelled in orbit. The technical bricks of Nyx are built with open interfaces: they are available on a SpaceStore to enable space & non-space companies to use them and develop new applications.

    About Nyx 
  • Our Missions

    Nyx provides a wide scope of return missions ranging from resupplying space stations and free-flying up to 6 months around the Earth, to landing on the Moon (and coming back), or performing 100km hopping on the Moon. Nyx starts with flying cargo and has the potential to carry humans.


Become part of something bigger

If your belonging can go on a journey, so can you! Write your name on our Nyx spacecraft, gain guided access to our facilities and meet a community of other Explorers who journey to the unknown. 


Take part in the democratization of space

5% of your purchase will directly support our Space for Schools Program (launching 2024), enabling students from around the world to send their experiments into space.