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The Exploration Company

Space Box – 2024

Space Box – 2024

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Send a precious item, collectible or small creation on a journey into space (and back)!


  • Limited Edition 2024 'Mission Possible' Patch (dispatched in early 2023)
  • Return journey of your item to space (with retrieval after splashdown) 
  • Tagging of your item with The Exploration Company 'Flown to Space' tag
  • Certificate of Flight addressed as per your wishes
  • Return postage to your nominated address

Community Bonus (Starting 2023)

We're delighted to additionally offer you the following: 

  • Opportunity to partake in a guided tour of our facilities in Munich, Germany and write your name on our Nyx Spacecraft prior to its voyage
  • Invitation to join The Explorers Community, including events, educational opportunities and networking
  • Contribution to The Exploration Company's 'Space for Schools' Program, enabling students from around the world to send their experiments into space (including the opportunity to nominate schools in your region)

    Mission Details

    • Nyx Mission Possible to Low Earth Orbit: Scheduled for Q4 2024
    • Mission Duration: 3 Hours

    Product Details

    Your item will be integrated into a Payload Box and must not exceed the following dimensions:

    • Volume: 0.5U (5cm x 5cm x 5cm)
    • Mass: 250g (0.25kg) 


    • Jewellery (wedding/engagement rings), family heirlooms, service badges, small artworks, collectible figurines

    Legal, Pricing Transparency & Other Info

    • Offer valid until 15 February 2023
    • For information on our service pricing and other details (including timeline information), please see our FAQs available here
    • By proceeding with this purchase and completing this transaction, you agree to our Flight Terms of Service, available here
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